What did you guys think of Stefan’s reaction to Rebekah’s preposition to erase his memory?

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And here he is. Respecting Elena’s decision once again. Once again seeing that this may be the last moment they spend together. He could’ve fed her his blood. But he didn’t because he knew she’d rather be dead.

You remember when Caroline’s dad was dying and Elena told Caroline that all her dad had were his believes? Now look at what Stefan did. I don’t think that many of us can imagine loving someone so much that you’ll forget for a second how you feel and how you want to save them and you’ll just respect that person’s last wish. That no matter how hard it is, you will let them die with their dignity, as humans, with their believes. Sure, many will say that Stefan should’ve saved Elena if he truly loved her, but how would she forgive him for letting Matt die?

I’ve realized one thing - all we want is to be loved and respected in life. Stefan kissed Elena, showing her how much he loved her. And then he respected her by making her last wish come true. Because he knows how much her friends mean to Elena and he knows how Elena will never forgive herself if she lived and Matt died. So Stefan just couldn’t disappoint her. Even if it meant losing her, sacrificing what they have. But as Klaus said ‘That kind of love never dies’ and Stefan knew it. He knew that no mater what happens their love will always be alive.

My mum used to tell me that love’s greatest measure is sacrifice and I always wondered why. Well, today I know why.

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Thoughts on the finale. I warn you, I ship both SE and DE!

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As we know for sure Elena will choose ONE of the brothers… who do you think she’ll choose?

My theory is behind the cut. I don’t say it’s what I want or what I don’t. Just my theory.

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#Can we please talk about this scene again for a second #But seen from a different point of view #Yes, Damon was devastated because his friend was dying #And he wanted to stay with him so he won’t be alone #But just after Alaric passed away, seeing Damon’s face, it hit me #The reason why they were such amazing friends #Because in a lot of ways they were alike #Both protective #Caring #Emotional #And just then… #I think Damon remember the time he was turned #Because he didn’t want to #Just as Alaric didn’t want to #This is why he didn’t want to see him become a vampire #This is why he admired him and was fine with his choice to die and save hiss humanity #Because deep down he wished he had done the same #Deep down he wished he had died and had never become a vampire

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Can we please take a moment to appreciate two amazing TVD characters. Please. I’m talking about Alaric Saltzman and Bill Forbes. These two are the people… who stayed people. I’m so glad that they chose humanity over everything else. They didn’t want to turn into vampires because they knew that was wrong. They knew people are supposed to die. They knew that nobody is supposed to live for as long as a vampire could, because as Rebekah said, it’s not even living. At some point is just becomes existing. Sure, both Alaric and Bill had people to live for - Jeremy & Elena and Caroline. And what makes them great is that despite having someone to stay for, they chose life over death, they chose their believes. They chose being humans, dying, the way we are all supposed to die, and not turn into monsters, start killing in order to continue a life they are not supposed to have. Sure, vampires can feel, they still possess some human characteristics, but at the end of the day they are predators, their hearts don’t beat. And the more they live, the further they will be from their humanity.

I really can’t put into words how much I respect Alaric and Bill.

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This blog is going on a temporary hiatus.

I hope you will all understand and support me. My final high school exams are in a month and a half and I have to limit my time with photoshop. I’m making a list of all the scenes I want to gif so hopefully I’ll still be able to make them when I have the time. Thank you for being part of this blog, for always being kind and for never sending me anon hate or something. I love you so much and I can’t thank you enough :)

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